Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

In season 2 of The Winx released by Netflix on September 16, the character of Rosalind is played by a new actress… whom fans of the Harry Potter saga know well.

After a long absence, the fairies of  Destiny: The Winx Saga are back on our screens and this time Y they must face a new enemy. They can count on the director of Alfea, in the person of Rosalind, by their side. An ambiguous but no less powerful character, who changed face between season 1 and season 2.

The actress  Lesley Sharp has indeed had to give Y way to Miranda Richardson , because of a conflict of schedule. A name that Harry Potter fans know well since she lent her features to the vile Rita Skeeter in the film saga.

Gone are the blonde curls, the tortoiseshell glasses and the gossip pen that served as ceremonial. It’s almost hard to make the connection Y between the Fairy and the Animagus journalist if you don’t know the British actress outside of Harry Potter.

Thanks to her role in Destiny: The Winx Saga on Netflix, Miranda Richardson returns to magic for a season and it pleases our Potterhead hearts.

By Yanz

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