Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

On October 12, Laurie Strode and Michael Myers will meet for a final confrontation that promises to be intense and bloody, if we are to believe the first images of “Halloween Ends”.

The hour of the final confrontation has soon sounded! On October 12, Jamie Lee Curtis is expected to bid farewell to the character of Laurie Strode who made her the first and most famous “scream queen” . But the heroine of the horrific saga intends to ensure that Michael Myers no longer rages, even if it means using extreme methods that the first trailer for Halloween Ends suggests .

A year after Halloween Kills , which served as a transition episode, the two mythical characters of the franchise created by  John Carpenter will meet for a final face-to-face that we hope will be final. In charge since the  film released in 2018, which presented itself as a direct sequel to the original opus ,  David Gordon Green will leave Haddonfield once the trilogy is complete. And we imagine that he will want to put an end to his story.

Gun, knife and even garbage disposal: all means will be good to overcome the other, in this film where Michael seems to have fallen prey, after having hunted for twelve feature films (the  reboot of  Rob Zombie and its  suite included). In the same way that Kills resurrected Sam Loomis ( Donald Pleasence ) in flashbacks, Halloween Ends should multiply the references to the John Carpenter classic, of which we see some images here.

Similarly, the blue shirt worn by Jamie Lee Curtis in the trailer is reminiscent of Laurie’s in 1978. Except that she does not intend to hide to try to survive, but to surprise and attack her opponent. If the images also show us some of the bogeyman’s potential victims, it’s a safe bet that the number of deaths will be lower than in the previous opus, which holds the record for the saga . To leave more room for the long-awaited face-to-face.

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