Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The vice-president of Marvel Studios, Nate Moore, has dared a comparison that is likely to make moviegoers cringe!

Scheduled for November 9 at the cinema,  Black Panther Wakanda Forever is one of the most anticipated Marvel films of recent years.

Nate Moore , vice-president of the Maison des Idées, is obviously very enthusiastic about the feature film directed by Ryan Coogler .

Interviewed by The Direct , Moore compared the adventures of Black Panther 2 to those of The Godfather , Francis Ford Coppola ‘s masterpiece  released in 1972.

“It sounds crazy but I’ll say it. There’s a bit of a mafia movie feel to Black Panther 2. There’s a bit of The Godfather. You’re going to say I’m going crazy, but to me there’s this feeling of family war. This film focuses a lot on Wakanda coming face to face with an enemy equal to its power, that of the world of Namor, Talocan “ , explains Nate Moore.

The vice-president then clarified his thoughts, knowing that he was going to make millions of moviegoers and fans of The Godfather jump.

“These two isolationist nations that are incredibly powerful, probably more powerful than any other nation in the world, are trying to figure out how they can coexist. In the movie, Wakanda is opening up its borders to some extent and impacting on the world of Namor in an unexpected way” , he underlines.

“Namor arrives in Wakanda with a proposal that is reminiscent of the way one of the five families does in The Godfather. And Wakanda must figure out how to negotiate with this world power that is not afraid of him” , concludes Nate Moore.

Will Namor make an offer Wakanda can’t refuse? Answer on November 9 in dark rooms.

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