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The actor is generous in many parts of his life and in the professional field this has allowed him to employ other professionals.

Keanu Reeves  is one of the definitive heroes of Hollywood. Not only has he earned it with his roles in the Matrix  and John Wick sagas , he has also constantly shown that he is like one of us and there are few things that you like more than seeing Hollywood stars in everyday situations. . To this we must add that, possibly, he is one of the most generous actors that has ever existed. Here are the tests .

Reeves has agreed on numerous occasions to lower his salary if it would allow the production to hire other actors . Specifically, he has done so with Pactar con el diablo  (1997), Equipo a la Fuerza  (2000) and When you least expect it  (2003). In an interview with Total Film he declared that for him it was not a sacrifice, quite the opposite. In this way he could work with actors he admired.

To make that movie [‘Deal with the Devil’] and have Al Pacino play that role was… ‘Is that all I have to do? What else do I have to do? Because I will.’ When I found out that he said yes my blood ran cold. Working with him, being able to shoot those scenes between me and him… I’ll be lucky if I reach that level again.

The actor has always had his priorities clear and money has never been one of them. On the contrary, having the opportunity to act alongside great movie legends that he has grown up with is something that really interests him. If by lowering his salary he could get it, why not go for it? “[ Gene Hackman ] and [ Al Pacino ] are two very good actors. We don’t think of Al Pacino in financial terms, but that’s the thing,” says Reeves.


This gesture already shows that the protagonist of Constantine  is not the typical Hollywood star, but there are many other actions that he carries out that speak for themselves. For example, did you know that he has a recurring role in a very small Scandinavian series just because a friend of his works on it?

It’s called Swedish Dicks and since 2016 Reeves has been involved in it, giving life to the character Tex, an action actor turned hit man, because his friend Peter Stormare is also involved. He earns a guest star’s salary, he rides his bike to the set and comes whenever he’s asked. “We’re kind of similar in our personalities, in that we’re both hermits ,” says his friend Stormare, “He’s a loner. I’m a loner. I don’t like the red carpet. They think Keanu is putting on when he stutters, when He gives interviews on the red carpet and looks the other way and looks uncomfortable. But he really is.”


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