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The Glory aired part two on March 10th. After the landslide success of the first part that aired on December 30 last year, it made a record of Top 10 TV in foreign languages ​​around the world for 5 consecutive weeks. It is also ranked in the Top 10 in 62 countries.


Anyone who has seen the first part of The Glory series. Until now the waiting has finally ended. And from the fan meeting press conference that Netflix organized for fans to watch on March 8th. Writer Kim Eun Sook Director Ahn Gil Ho and lead actress Song Hye Kyo have made it clear that in part two the revenge story will be more intense. And even they themselves really like the work they do.



Song Hye Kyo, the actress who plays Moon Dong Eun, shared her feelings after the first episode of The Glory aired that she herself was worried as well. 


“Late last year, before the first part of The Glory was aired. As an actor and part of the team in the series, I was very worried because when I watched the finished series, I only focused on scenes that I thought I could have done better. Picked it up thinking I should do better. because if the series goes on air Viewers didn’t like the series very much. It’s probably because I didn’t show it the best I could. That’s what I’m very worried about. 


“But after the first part of The Glory aired And the response was really good. Honestly, I haven’t had a really hit series for a long time. I’m really happy. because it is caused by our work Both actors and production team We put all our hearts and souls into The Glory series.


“ The Glory was the first series that was very dramatic for me. It all became a challenge and a very difficult job, full of doubts and trying to find answers. like myself in every way The scene would keep asking yourself if you did the right thing. Has it shown the most accurate? I’m so thankful for accepting the drama.”


Writer Kim Eun Sook also had a similar feeling to Song Hye Kyo’s cold hands and feet when the first part of The Glory was so successful. A lot of people contacted her about how the story will continue in the second part. That brought enormous pressure.


“When the first part of The Glory was successful, I’m starting to get scared. The success was so overwhelming that it made me wonder if I wrote part two well enough. I went back and read the second part again and told myself I did a good job. Because it’s great, yes, it’s really great.” 



“If you get revenge Will Mun Dong Eun be happy?”


For the second part of The Glory , we will see a mood that is more than Moon Dong Eun’s coolness. because as we have already seen Moon Dong Eun in the first part is quiet and doesn’t show much emotion. but with part two All the emotions contained within will burst out. Including the heartbreaking scene of Mun Dong Eun.


Especially the important scene where Moon Dong Eun fuses and screams out “Stop laughing like that,” which is in part two of the story. Song Hye Kyo recalled this scene.


“It was a very painful scene for Moon Dong Eun. The filming of this scene was nearing the end. Since the beginning of the story, I’ve been trying to put myself into the character of Dong Eun. Try to become the perfect you. But because I was a human being before I became an actor. So in the beginning it was quite difficult to be 100% Dong Eun until filming for this scene. I immediately felt that I could become 100% Dong Eun naturally, naturally. I managed to bring out all the emotions I wanted in this scene.”


And it’s not just Song Hye Kyo , The Glory series has outstanding chemistry between the cast. Because almost every character gets the attention of the audience. Including the dimensions that give ins and outs, it makes every The characters are like real life in this world. Song Hye Kyo recalled those chemistry. 


“Working with the cast and filmmakers was a wonderful chemistry. It’s like chemistry, we’re 120-130% together, something like that. It allows us to transmit energy to each other. The cast also felt that the second part was full of impressive scenes.”



“ The Glory tells a story that people can relate to. I’m honored to be a part of this series. I thank the writers and directors for giving me the role of Dong Eun. Acting as Dong Eun made me happy. Even so, I wanted to show that Dong Eun, who has been through a painful and cruel story. But she managed to do something brave. Life doesn’t end with sorrow and depression. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to convey this message.


“There are many scenes that are touching. but the scenes that I felt very much involved in For example, the scene where Dong Eun visits a former class teacher. that the teacher’s son is also her senior She must take revenge on her senior’s father. And had to let him know that this happened when he was an adult. but for herself The former Dong Eun who was destroyed was only an 18 year old girl.  


“I have previously interviewed how Dong Eun feels about being a victim. She didn’t want to beg for mercy. She has become a heartless person who wants revenge. 


“Dong Eun understands and knows that he is not seeking victory. It’s not what I want. Because it’s not that the revenge is over, Dong Eun will be happy either. as she said I will take my revenge And I will die with you… Yeonjin I feel that this is really hurting Dong Eun. to say it out Even if it was something she had in mind.”



Wounds are not scars. Song Hye Kyo’s preparation for this role

The character Moon Dong Eun has a scar. full body burns Filming this scene to expose the wound was a handiwork that the crew wanted to look as real as possible. Behind the scenes, it took about 4-5 hours to create the wound. Especially the important scene in EP 6 where Moon Dong Eun reveals himself to Joo Yeo Jung. 


“For this scene, we spent four to five hours dressing up the wounds on the body. I barely ate anything 3 days before the shoot. The last day before filming Refrain from drinking water to see a emaciated, lifeless body, full of internal and external wounds 


“It was really difficult. Yes, in filming that scene. But in the end it became a memorable scene. Both the torso that has to be exposed to make-up equipment special effects often until the skin is dry and cracked I think it’s a memorable moment. The fact that I was on a very stressful diet or even hardly any water at all That’s because they want to communicate pain and hardship. Dong-eun’s broken heart came out most clearly.”





The second part of The Glory will consist of 8 EPs, together with the first part, there will be 16 EPs. It has already aired on Netlfix, the best series in collaboration between writer Kim Eun Sook. and Song Hye Kyo that both have surpassed previous works by challenging new ideas that both reflect society and also set new standards for their own work


The Glory tells the story of Moon Dong-eun, a high school student who is physically and emotionally abused by Yeon-jin and her powerful descendants. without being able to find anyone to help Even teachers, family, or the police. 


That was the turning point for a girl who had a dream of becoming an architect to give up. and turn resentment into motivation to continue living in order to repay bad friends Moon Dong Eun, in her thirties, becomes an elementary school teacher at Yeon Jin’s daughter’s school. And the revenge plan that has been laid for almost 20 years is about to start.



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