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Below is the profile of Tunisha Sharma’s boyfriend, Sheezan Khan, who is suspected to be the cause of her suicide.

As we all know, the news of actress Tunisha Sharma’s suicide shocked the Maya world.

In addition, The boyfriend himself is the cause of Tunisha Sharma’s suicide.

So what is the background of Sheezan Muhammad Khan? The reason behind Tunisha Sharma’s suicide is suspected.

Tunisha Sharma and Shezan Mohammad Khan reportedly fell in love after working together in Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul 4 months ago.

About four months ago, the cast and crew started shooting for the show in Leh, where Tunisha Sharma and Sheezan Khan met and fell in love.

Sheezan Khan is currently in police custody as her mother Tunisha has accused her of emotionally abusing her daughter.

Tunisha’s mother claimed that Sheezan was responsible for Tunisha’s death

Sheezan Khan is currently in police custody till December 28, 2022.

Some facts about Sheezan Khan’s personal life.

1. Sheezan Mohammed Khan was previously in a relationship with Mrinal Singh. She was a part of several serials of Kundali Bhagya in 2016.

Sheezan and Mrinal have been dating for two years. They even took to social media to share their relationship.

2. Sheezan, 28, hails from Meerut and has Falaq Naaz and Shafaq Naaz and younger brother Ahaan. Sheezan’s parents separated when she was young.

Sheezan came to Mumbai with his mother Kahkashan. His elder sister Shafaq Naaz works in a daily soap.

While Shafaq rose to popularity in Star Plus Mahabharat’s show Kunti, Falaq is a popular television actress and has also appeared in shows like Sasural Simar Ka.

3. Sheezan’s older sister Shafaq lives separately from the family and has no relationship with them. Sheezan is very close to her sister Falaq.

Sheezan is currently a mother in Malad, Mumbai. Brother He lives with his sister Falaq.

4. After separation from father Sheezan’s mother worked hard to raise her children. Throughout school and college; Sheezan supported his expenses by working part-time jobs.

Like her older sister, Sheezan started acting right from college. Her first performance was Jodhaa Akbar in 2013

5. Her first performance as a lead was Nazar 2. She was next seen in Pavitra- Bharose Ka Safar. Sheezan’s fame is Dastaan-E-Kabul as the main character in Ali Baba.

6. Sheezan started dating Tunisha during their Alibaba shoot in 2022. Their romance blossomed during their outdoor shoot in Leh.

The duo visited several cities during promotions, including Naigaon in Mumbai. They spent a lot of time together before shooting the series in Naigaon.

This is the profile of Tunisha Sharma’s boyfriend Shezan Mohammad Khan who is suspected of suicide.

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