Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

For you workers, it seems like the weekend is a valuable opportunity to rest your body. Sleep can indeed restore energy in our bodies, but it turns out that sleeping too long can trigger new problems.

Especially if sleeping too long becomes a habit. Of course it will have an impact on an unhealthy lifestyle. Reporting from Halodoc, Saturday (18/2/2023) that sleeping too long can cause several diseases, it can be mild, it can be severe. Let’s look at 5 diseases that arise if you sleep too long.

1. Headache

Maybe this is a disease that people often feel when they sleep too long. have you ever felt it too?

Sleeping too long can affect the work of chemical compounds in the brain (neurotransmitters) such as serotonin. When the performance of these substances is disrupted, nerve activity in the brain will be problematic so that it risks causing headaches.

2. Back Pain

Have you ever felt body aches after waking up? Feeling weird about this? It turns out that sleeping in the same position for a long duration, especially the supine position, can make the spine feel stiff and painful. The explanation is that sleeping too long actually makes the body ache.

3. Obesity

In the long term, the habit of sleeping too long will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle that causes more serious illness in the future. Too much sleep makes a person do less physical activity or exercise, thus triggering obesity.

4. Diabetes

It turns out that frequent sleep for a long enough duration is at risk of experiencing metabolic and hormone disorders, one of which is insulin. This can cause a person to be more at risk of developing diabetes.

5. Heart Disease

Someone who has a habit of sleeping too long is at greater risk of having a heart attack which can cause death. The researchers also showed the results that napping for more than 1 hour will increase the risk of developing heart disease by 82% and, increasing the risk of death by 27%.

It was a disease that would appear if one slept too long. There are diseases that may be felt immediately, but there are also those that appear in the long term and trigger more dangerous diseases. Let’s sleep enough and apply a healthy lifestyle.

By Yanz

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