Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The Cannes Film Festival and its Palmes d’Or hold no secrets for you? Prove it with a score capable of impressing any jury.

It is, with the Oscar for Best Film, the most popular award in the world of cinema, capable of changing a career and even boosting the entries of its winner (in France at least): the Palme d’Or of the Festival of Cannes. Which was first called Grand Prix from 1946 to 1954 inclusive, before changing name and appearance.

For a little less than 70 years, it has therefore been THE prize that has stirred up conversations throughout each festival. And even after, since it is rare for its winner to be unanimous, so much so that the expression “Palme du cœur” regularly surfaces to highlight films which, according to the media or the author of the article in question, would have deserved the supreme award more than the person who received it.

But are you stuck on the subject? Will you succeed in passing our quiz on the Palmes d’Or? Up to you !

Five years after having surprised everyone thanks to The Square ,  Ruben Östlund has therefore done a double blow thanks to Without filter . And joins  Bille August and  Michael Haneke in the very closed club of filmmakers who received two Palmes… with two consecutive films, which Francis Ford Coppola ,  Emir Kusturica or the Dardenne , also authors of a double, failed to do .

A Palme which has also been refused to France for a little over two decades. Rewarded in 1987,  Under the Sun of Satan by  Maurice Pialat had to wait until the coronation of Between the Walls in 2008 to find a successor. But French cinema has since caught up well, winning the award three times in just under fifteen years: thanks to La Vie d’Adèle ,  Dheepan and Titane . Do we do it again in 2023?

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