Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The flagship anime has been back since October 1st! As the battle rages on, we invite you to test your knowledge of the villains of the saga! So who is who? It’s your turn !

My Hero Academia takes  us to an alternative Japan where 80% of the population has power. However, some unlucky people are born without these special abilities called “quirks”. A difficult thing to assume for Izuku Midoriya, a 14-year-old teenager who came into the world without power. Despite everything, he nurtures the dream of becoming the greatest of heroes and joining the elite academy that trains the country’s saviors. Before his return, he meets All Might, symbol of peace, who chooses him to become his successor....

A real worldwide success, My Hero Academia is one of the most striking manga of its generation! With over 60 million copies sold and an anime currently airing with six seasons under its belt, the popularity of this unique shōnen continues to grow.

After a great return to the series on Saturday October 1st, and while the heroes launch the assault on the Liberation Front, it’s a good time to refresh your memory on the famous villains of the saga! Can you find the real names of these villains as powerful as they are iconic? Test your knowledge beyond the limits: PLUS ULTRA!

By Yanz

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