Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

If Disney has logically multiplied the announcements for the small and big screen during its D23, video games have also answered the call. Among them, the new game created by Amy Hennig, the screenwriter of the Uncharted saga.

Big name in video games, screenwriter Amy Hennig , known among other things for her contribution to the writing of the Uncharted saga within the Naughty Dog studio or the creation of the cult franchise Legacy of Kain , was recruited in 2019 by the structure production company Skydance Media, and in charge of developing video games.

Created in 2010 by David Ellison , Skydance Media is behind the production of numerous films or TV series, such as  Altered Carbon broadcast on Netflix, Mission: Impossible – Fallout , Top Gun: Maverick , 6 Underground , or even the SF film Annihilation , signed Alex Garland .

During the D23 organized by Disney this weekend, which obviously featured Marvel, Skydance Media unveiled the first game chaperoned by Amy Hennig. Without a title for the moment, or release date or even gameplay images, the game is intended to be a crossover between Captain America and Black Panther. A teaser in the form of a cinematic for a game that you certainly won’t have to wait for a long time…


We remain within the Marvel team again with news of the Marvel Midnight Suns game , announced for the first time in August 2021 by publisher 2k, and which will be released on December 2. A tactical game with a Marvel touch, it features  The Sons of Midnight, who form a team of superheroes who first appeared as a group in the  Ghost Rider comics in 1992 and were brought together by Dr. fight a character named Lilith, the queen of demons, freed from the womb of Leviathan.

Additionally, prequel shorts from Marvel’s Midnight Suns were announced during D23. Five in number, these shorts provide a backstory on Lilith, how she became the Mother of Demons, as well as the origin of the association of Superheroes like Blade, Magik, Ghost Rider and Nico Minoru for form the Midnight Suns.

As part of the announcement for these shorts, 2K and Marvel Entertainment have unveiled the opening intro by announcing that the first short will premiere at Halloween time – October 31, 2022 – via Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel . Thereafter, one video per week will be unveiled.


Twelve years after the game Tron Evolution , developed by the late Propaganda Games studio which accompanied the movie  Tron Legacy in theaters, the franchise returns with Tron Identity. Created by the Bithell Game studio (to whom we owe the games  Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex in particular ), the game is thought of as a Visual Novel featuring a detective in charge of investigating within The Grid.  Or, for the record, the heart of the program designed by Kevin Flynn.


Fabulous video game license born under the star of LucasArts, the Monkey Island saga recounts the thwarted fate of his apprentice pirate Guybrush Threepwood. She returns this year with Return to Monkey Island, which has a release date of September 19.

The short trailer unveiled is accompanied by the voice of Dominic Armato, the iconic and legendary voice of the character, who looks back on the saga by evoking the changes in the artistic direction, the music, and a kind of travel diary which will be accessible in the game, compiling the past (mis)adventures of our favorite pirate. No, it’s not Jack Sparrow, for those asking!

We will spare you the numerous announcements concerning the games developed for Smartphone, without forgetting that no image was shown of Jedi Survivor , the sequel to the excellent game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order . Nor even other games from the Marvel franchise, such as the already highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or the Wolverine game , both developed by the talented studio Insomniac Games.

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