Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The rumors were therefore true, Harrison Ford was hired to play Thaddeus Ross in Captain America New World Order, expected for May 1, 2024.

On October 14, a crazy rumor shook Hollywood. Harrison Ford has reportedly signed on to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

These hallway rumors have now been confirmed by Deadline , which reveals that the legendary 80-year-old comedian will play Thaddeus Ross in  Captain America New World Order (in theaters May 1, 2024).

After playing  Indiana Jones on the big screen for the last time in 2023, Harrison Ford will therefore give us an appointment the following year alongside Anthony Mackie , who has taken over the shield from  Chris Evans to become the new Captain America.

The actor will replace William Hurt , who died on March 13, in the role of Thaddeus Ross. This antagonist, Lieutenant General of the United States Air Force, has appeared in The Incredible Hulk , Captain America Civil War , Avengers Infinity War ,  Avengers Endgame and Black Widow , among others .....

According to SlashFilm , part of the role would be in performance capture. Indeed, the idea would be to draw inspiration from comics, in which this anti-hero is transformed into a red Hulk. He could thus be the big bad guy at the end of phase 5 of the MCU, which will end with  Thunderbolts (Thunderbolt is also Ross’s nickname).

After having recently collaborated with Disney on Star Wars and Indiana Jones 5 (in theaters June 28, 2023), Harrison Ford would thus continue his fruitful collaboration with the Mickey firm via Marvel Studios and would hang a new prestigious role on his board: Indiana Jones, Han Solo (Star Wars), Rick Deckard ( Blade Runner ) and Thaddeus Ross, a fine collection of iconic characters!

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