Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

M3GAN, an AI robotic doll created to protect children, turns out to be quite the mess after its launch on the market.

M3GAN dolls are made with advanced AI technology and are equipped with sensors that can detect signs of danger or violence. The purpose of these dolls is to provide protection for children who live in unsafe environments or who may experience violence at home.

However, after being launched into the market, M3GAN dolls actually caused panic among the parents who bought them. These dolls often issue warnings that don’t make sense, such as detecting violence when children are playing or even when children are sleeping.

This caused parents who bought M3GAN dolls to become worried and anxious, and some even felt intimidated by this doll. Some parents have even complained that the M3GAN dolls often wake their children up at night with unreasonable warnings.

Because of these incidents, many parents have decided to return the M3GAN doll to the store where they bought it. In fact, some stores have even started refusing to sell the dolls anymore after numerous complaints from customers.

Responding to this incident, the manufacturer of the M3GAN doll immediately issued a statement stating that they would improve the existing AI system on this doll and apologized for the inconvenience caused. However, until recently, it was still unclear whether the M3GAN doll would be relaunched to the market or not.

Meanwhile, parents are expected to be careful in choosing toys for their children, especially those that use AI technology whose reliability has not yet been tested. As parents, being vigilant and careful in choosing toys that are safe and suitable for children is important to ensure the safety and happiness of our children.

By Yanz

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