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Keppeki Danshi Review!  Aoyama-Kun, the football player who hates dirty

Anime Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun [IMDb]

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun is an anime solo project from Studio Hibari. The story in this series takes the background of football . Even though it is a story about football, the story actually doesn’t focus on the journey of the main character in football, but on his complicated life with the acute germaphobia he suffers from. That’s why he became a clean freak who couldn’t live if he was in a dirty place or saw something messy.

Aoyama-kun, our protagonist is a first year student at Fujimi High School. He is an excellent soccer player. He even has a fan base of boys and girls, one of whom is the captain of his own team. Even though Aoyama is an accomplished footballer , Zaizen is often irritated with him. The reason is he can’t understand how a footballer doesn’t want to get dirty and have physical contact with players.

Even though Aoyama is very popular, he is known for his cold demeanor. Zaizen had thought that Aoyama was not serious about playing football. However, the coach points out that Aoyama is the kid who loves football the most than anyone else. In playing soccer, Aoyama is famous for his agile movements. Besides, Aoyama really hates being dirty. The grass fields are muddy and the uniforms that are splashed by mud are indeed his weaknesses. However, he hated losing more than being dirty. In times of urgency, Aoyama is willing to get dirty as long as he can score goals for his team’s victory.

Well, Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun is often juxtaposed with Sakamoto Desu ga . However, if you look closely, these two series have a lot of differences. Even though the story is set in football, the story is more comedy and slice of life than sports. We will be treated to a story of how Aoyama tries to live a normal life in the midst of his germaphobia. He wanted to play football, mingle freely with other people, and eat something made by others but was disgusted.

Comedy scenes in this 12-episode series feature cute and adorable chibi characters. Even so, this series still features flower boys characters that make women fans, especially Aoyama. Moreover, our main character is described as a handsome figure who is everyone’s idol. Boys are fans, let alone girls.

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