Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

A look back at a very moving scene from the documentary “Visages Villages” in which Agnès Varda is overwhelmed with emotion in front of Jean-Luc Godard’s home.

The New Wave was Godard , Truffaut , Rohmer ,  Chabrol … but also a woman, in the person of Agnès Varda . While the first named died on Tuesday , we come back to an astonishing and very moving scene from the documentary Faces Villages , which features the director and offers the viewer the privilege of interfering, a little bit, in the intimacy of a major movement in French cinema.

In Faces Villages, Agnès Varda takes the director JR  to the Swiss home of Jean-Luc Godard with the hope of meeting him. We are then in 2017. Unfortunately, no one is present when they arrive, but the illustrious owner of the place nevertheless wrote a few words on the front door that will not leave Varda indifferent......

The words in question, which we let you discover in the video below, plunge the filmmaker into the memories of her relationship with Jacques Demy . “If it’s to hurt me, he succeeded ,” she says, having a hard time suppressing her sobs. “It’s not very funny, it’s not very funny… Well, if he doesn’t want to open, it’s a dog’s skin! We’re leaving.”

Varda, who filmed Godard in a scene from Cléo de 5 à 7 , then retraces his steps to place buns in front of the filmmaker’s door and in turn write a short message. “Thank you JLG for having memory and not thank you for having kept your door closed” , she writes in particular before slipping a moving “I still put a heart” …

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