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In an interview with Empire magazine, the director of the Jurassic World saga believes that none of the sequels should have seen the light of day.

While  Jurassic World: The World After has just passed the billion dollar mark at the global box office, becoming the third consecutive film in the saga to do so, director Colin Trevorrow , who relaunched the saga of  Steven Spielberg in 2015 believes the franchise probably should have ended after the first Jurassic Park. ..

Colin Trevorrow, indeed declared to Empire magazine that none of the sequels should have seen the light of day.

” I specifically did something different from other films in order to change the DNA of the franchise.” he specifies about Jurassic World The World after, before resuming “The five previous films are stories around dinosaurs. This one is a story centered on characters in a world where they coexist with dinosaurs .

I did this so the franchise could move forward – despite being inherently uncrossable. There probably should have been only one Jurassic Park.

If we’re going to continue, I want to allow them to tell stories in a world where dinosaurs exist, rather than saying, ‘Here’s a new reason to go back to the island .'”

The filmmaker then explains that he worked with Universal in order to to include new characters in the film in order to make other films.” This film is really about creating new characters that a new generation will become attached to – Kayla Watts [ DeWanda Wise ] and Ramsay Cole played by  Mamoudou Athie as well as the character of  Dichen Lachman who is arrested at the end. There’s more to come .”

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It was during the launch of the film’s promotional material that Colin Trevorrow discovered that Universal was focusing its campaign on the fact that The Next World was the last film in the franchise. The tagline “Live the end of the Jurassic era” enthroned at the top of the posters. The filmmaker explains that he would have preferred another approach.

I never knew it was the end of the franchise until I saw the marketing. These guys are brilliant at what they do, but to me I think it would have been clearer if they had said this was the end of a trilogy.

He adds: ” Obviously the studio is going to want to make more money, but the real purpose of Jurassic World is to keep kids loving dinosaurs. A new fan is born every day. Kids deserve these movies, and young filmmakers grow up with these stories (…) What interests me is that a newcomer comes to me and tells me that he has an idea like I did with Steven [Spielberg]. ”

For Colin Trevorrow, The World After was therefore the third and final part of the Jurassic World saga with Claire ( Bryce Dallas Howard ) and Owen ( Chris Pratt) but the latter is aware that the producers will not want to lose their golden egg hen and that a new film, or even a new trilogy, with dinosaurs will soon see the light of day....

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