Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Fans of the series “House of the Dragon” reacted a lot following the broadcast of episode 8, especially about the so-called affair of Prince Aemond and the pig.

Please note, the following details the plot of episode 8 of the House of the Dragon series, available on the OCS platform on demand. If you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want to know anything about its plot, then you are strongly recommended to stop reading this article now.

A new generation of Targaryens has emerged, and its representatives are apparently even worse than the previous one! On the occasion of a new time jump of several years that occurred before episode 8 of the House of the Dragon series , Princes Aemond and Aegon, direct heirs of King Viserys I, and their nephews Jaque and Luc, as for he sons of Princess Rhaenyra, have distinguished themselves in the eyes of viewers!

As Viserys attended a final meal for his reunited family, and his wife Alicent and daughter Rhaenyra each made a gesture of friendship towards each other, the Targaryen children ruined the feast by rekindling grudges. past. The limit was notably exceeded when a suckling pig placed on the banquet table reminded Aemond of the humiliation undergone at the discovery of his dragon, in reality a simple pig decked out in a disguise.......

The young one-eyed Prince is the character that made fans react the most on social networks this week following the broadcast of this eighth episode. To the point of being now considered by some as the equal of Daemon, by far the favorite character of viewers since the launch of the series last August!

Episodes of the House of the Dragon series can be found every Monday exclusively on OCS City, and on the OCS platform on demand.

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