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Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in “Harry Potter”) has published his autobiography which includes a mea culpa about his behavior towards Emma Watson (Hermione) on the set of the first feature film of the saga.

Tom Felton , the interpreter of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter saga, has released an autobiography in which he obviously comes back to more or less happy anecdotes from the eight shoots in which he participated. What emerges in the American press today is more of a mea culpa.

When filming for  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  began in September 2000, Tom Felton was 12 years old. It is the oldest of the young actors with Rupert Grint, who plays Ron: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) is 11 years old and Emma Watson (Hermione) 10 years old.

Hearing from  Josh Herdman (who plays Goyle, one of Draco’s sidekicks in Harry Potter) that Emma Watson is going to do a little dance demonstration in her dressing room, they go there and are “contemptuous” at the against the young actress. Felton recounts in his book (via Insider ):

We laughed at Emma’s performance, peaking when she danced. We were just little shits, mostly because we were awkward and thought fucking us was cool, but Emma was clearly pissed off at our indelicate reaction. I felt dumb, for good reason.

The actress has since forgiven him, he writes, and he admits that Emma Watson, at the time of the filming of the films of the saga, did not need this at all:

“Emma was the one with the toughest situation to deal with from a very young age. The pressures she was under went beyond having to deal with stupid boys… She was treated like an adult in many ways. respects from the day she was chosen.”

[The girls in a saga of this magnitude] are unfairly sexualized in the media and elsewhere… The last thing she needed, in an environment that should have been – and normally was – friendly, safe and family-like, was Josh and me making fun of her dancing. That’s why I’m ashamed of our behavior.

The interpreter of Draco Malfoy and that of Hermione have largely reconciled, to the point that Emma Watson signs the preface to Tom Felton’s book with glowing terms, speaking of him as a “soul mate”. She writes :

“You know that person in your life who makes you feel like you’re being seen? That person who kind of witnesses everything that’s going on? That person who knows – really knows – what’s happening to you and what you live without anything needing to be said? To me, that person is Tom Felton.”

Entitled  Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard , this autobiography has no French translation planned at the time of writing.

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