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Did you know that actress Elsa Zylberstein, currently starring in “Simone”, had given the reply to American actor Christian Bale? We tell you in which film!

Elsa Zylberstein  is in the news with the feature film Simone, le voyage du siècle , in which she plays the character of Simone Veil. The opportunity to return to an astonishing stage in the particularly dense career of the actress, when she gave the reply, at the end of the 90s, to the one who is today a major figure in Hollywood cinema.

In the comedy-drama Metroland , released in theaters in 1998, Elsa Zylberstein indeed shares the bill with a certain Christian Bale , today known worldwide thanks in particular to his incarnation of Batman in the saga The Dark Knight .

Metroland, a big-screen adaptation of the novel by Julian Barnes , tells the daily life of a couple, Chris and Marion (Bale and Emily Watson ), in England in the 1970s. childhood brings Chris to reminisce about his bohemian youth as well as his intense relationship with Annick (Zylberstein), a young Frenchwoman.

If Elsa Zylberstein is then already a confirmed actress when she turns Metroland (she has already been nominated three times for the César), Christian Bale has not yet really broken through, almost a decade after his debut in front of the camera by  Steven Spielberg in Empire of the Sun. Small funny detail: the film, which sees the two stars share several scenes in flashback mode, offers the opportunity to hear Bale speak several times … in French!

With Metroland, Elsa Zylberstein therefore had the opportunity to collaborate with an actor who is now a heavyweight in the Hollywood industry. A film that is not her only international experience, since she also appeared in the credits of Jefferson in Paris ,  Modigliani and Bel Canto .

Elsa Zylberstein is currently playing “Simone, the trip of the century”:

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