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In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the new feature film in theaters since October 5, Gohan and Piccolo face off against the Red Ribbon Army. Did you know that this criminal organization was a historical enemy of Goku? Explanations.

The Red Ribbon Army had been destroyed by Son Goku, but individuals decided to revive it. They thus created the ultimate cyborgs, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

Self-proclaimed “Super Heroes”, they launch an attack against Piccolo and Son Gohan. What is the purpose of this new organization of the Red Ribbon? Faced with this approaching danger, it’s time for the real heroes to wake up!

This is how the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero begins , which sees the criminal organization called The Red Ribbon Army rise from its ashes!


The organization first appears in Chapter 55 of the  Dragon Ball manga and in Episode 30 of the anime series. This is a very powerful military corporation headed by General Red.

The latter wishes to acquire by all means the seven Dragon Balls in order to become larger because he is complexed by his small size. Red is a cowardly, cruel, and very resentful man.

The leaders of this army will have a hard time dealing with Son Goku, who is also looking for the Dragon Balls. Eventually, the Saiyan will manage to defeat the leaders of the Red Ribbon army one by one before demolishing their headquarters single-handedly. The army will then return in Dragon Ball GT where two C-17s free the ancient villains from hell before being defeated by Pan.


In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the bad guy named Magenta resurrects the Red Ribbon Army. He is the president of the Red Pharmaceutical group, which actually hides the new criminal organization enemy of the heroes........

In order to rebuild the army, he came into contact with Dr. Hedo, grandson of Dr. Gero. Passionate about cyborgs and superheroes, he will serve the Red Ribbon against Gohan and Piccolo.

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