Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Expected in French cinemas on September 21, Don’t Worry Darling caused a sensation during its preview presentation at the Venice Film Festival 2022. Quickly discover the intense trailer for the film worn by Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.

When everything seems absolutely perfect, the reality may be quite different… After Booksmart , director  Olivia Wilde unveils her new feature film Don’t Worry Darling , a highly intriguing thriller starring  Florence Pugh and Harry Styles . This long-awaited film will be released on the big screen on September 21 in France.

1950s. Settled in an idyllic and isolated community in the Californian desert with her husband Jack, Alice seems to have everything she has always dreamed of! A housewife, she enjoys a most Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero streaming fr pleasant life while her spouse works alongside the other men of the city on the mysterious and ultra-confidential Victory project, directed by Frank ( Chris Pine ).

As cracks begin to show, Alice realizes that this seductive and visionary venture may well be hiding a grim reality. What is Project Victory? What are men really working on? What are they doing here? But in her quest for truth, will the young woman be ready to sacrifice everything?


Alternating between scenes from Alice’s ideal daily life and intense and oppressive sequences, the Don’t Worry Darling trailer promises us a daring film, which should play with our emotions. Alongside Florence Pugh ( The Daughters of Doctor March , Midsommar ) and Harry Styles ( Dunkirk ), we find Chris Pine ( Wonder Woman ), Olivia Wilde ( Dr House ),  Gemma Chan ( Crazy Rich Asians ) and  Kiki Layne ( The Old Guard ).

The feature film premiered yesterday evening at the 79th edition of the Venice Film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero streaming french Festival in the presence of the director and the cast, who received long applause from the public after the screening. The first returns highlight in particular the “committed performance of [Florence] Pugh.” ( Collider ).

Chris Pine meanwhile shows “how diabolically charismatic a villain he can be” ( The Hollywood Reporter ) in this film “at the crossroads between Get Out ,  The Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby ” ( Deadline ). French critic, CinemaTeaser hails “a very modern psychological thriller” .

In a genre far removed from her previous feature film, Olivia Wilde presents here a panting and ambitious psychological thriller for which she has surrounded herself with a team that has already proven itself: the director of photography  Matthew Libatique (named two-time Oscar winner), composer  John Powell (Oscar nominee for Best Film Score for Dragons ) and costume designer  Arianne Phillips ( Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ), among others. The screenplay for the film is by Katie Silberman , from a story by  Carey Van Dyke &  Shane Van Dyke and Katie Silberman.

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