Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The death of Queen Elizabeth II of England on September 8 has caused a stir around the world. But it also caused a surge in viewing of The Crown. The series is already 5th in the top Netflix.

Since news of her passing on September 8, people have mourned Elizabeth II’s passing in a variety of ways: queuing for miles and hours to see the late Queen’s coffin; drop flowers at Buckingham Palace or stay glued to the news channels following VF the royal family’s every move.

For those unable to travel to London for a final tribute to the Queen, Netflix’s VF royal saga, The Crown , has been a valuable substitute. In short: people flocked to it. Since last Thursday, the series has entered the top 10 in 26 countries.

The number of hours viewed VF increased by 800% between September 9 and 11 in the United Kingdom, compared to figures for the previous weekend, according to an analysis by the American technology company Whip Media, reports the site Time Out . In America, the audience has quadrupled VF over the same period, while in France, the number of viewers has tripled.

The series, which traces the Queen’s life from the late 1940s to her ascension to the throne in 1953, has filmed VF its fifth season, now with  Imelda Staunton as monarch in place of Olivia Colman , due next November. However, the Queen’s death leads to a respectful hiatus from filming for Season 6.VF

“ The Crown is a love letter to [the Queen] ,” showrunner  Peter Morgan said in a statement, “ and I have nothing to add at this time, just silence and respect. to film out of respect. ”VF

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