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“Une Belle course” by Christian Carion was released at the cinema on Wednesday. The opportunity to test your knowledge of Dany Boon’s filmography. We give you the pitch, can you find the title of the film?

17 years after Merry Christmas , director  Christian Carion reunites with Dany Boon for  Une Belle course with Line Renaud .

In the feature film, Madeleine, 92, calls a taxi to reach the retirement home where she must now live. She asks Charles, a slightly disillusioned driver, to go through the places that mattered in her life, to see them one last time. Gradually, at the bend of the streets of Paris, an extraordinary past emerges that upsets Charles. There are taxi trips that can change a life…

Dany Boon finds there the actress Line Renaud with whom he has already collaborated on La Maison du bonheur , Welcome to the Ch’tis and La Ch’tite family .

The opportunity to test your knowledge of the career of the French actor and director. We give you the simplified pitch of a film, it’s up to you to find the film.


Line Renaud  and  Dany Boon  had already worked together in three of the latter’s comedies:  La Maison du bonheur ,  Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis  and  La Ch’tite famille . With Une belle course,  Christian Carion  wanted to take this duo in another direction, like the role he had entrusted to Dany Boon in  Merry Christmas  in 2005.

At the time, the actor was afraid of confusing his audience, as the director reports:  “At the time, I told him that he was one of those actors capable of making us laugh and moving us, like  Bourvil . Dany replied that as a kid, when he had seen Bourvil in  Le Cercle Rouge , he had been disappointed…”

When  Une belle course  presented itself to him, Dany Boon now felt ready to explore other registers:  “Roles like that, I’m not offered any” .

As for Line Renaud, Christian Carion met her via Boon at the preview of Merry Christmas but had never worked with her. “I think that with Line, we had an appointment to honor…”

An extraordinary friendship

Christian Carion  returns to the extremely strong link between  Dany Boon  and  Line Renaud  :  “I know that what unites them is quite unique. They have the same modest origins in Armentières, the same “American dream” in a way. I know this story is not trivial for both of them…

It is a rather rare alchemy which must be used because it is also jubilant. To film them is first of all to be a spectator!” 

While living in Las Vegas at the time, Line Renaud had heard of a young comedian from the North who was making a remarkable debut. She had decided to send him a telegram to congratulate him. The actress specifies:  “It was our first contact, from a distance. Then, I went to see him when he was performing his play  La Vie de bâtiment  and it was then, in his dressing room, that we really got to know each other…”

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