Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Recently interviewed by GQ to discuss the feature film “Amsterdam”, Christian Bale also returned to his Batman character in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. A role that could have allowed him to leave the world of Hollywood.

Considered one of the best actors of his generation, known for his complex, demanding and varied roles (notably in The Dark Knight trilogy , American Psycho ,  The Machinist or Fighter ),  Christian Bale did not always want to be a actor.

Indeed, when he was recently interviewed by GQ to discuss his next role in Amsterdam by David O. Russell , Bale revealed, in the course of a response on Batman, that he had somehow been “forced” acting as a child...........

Asked about his possible fear – at the time of Batman Begins  – that the role of the Dark Knight would stick to his skin forever, the British comedian thus replied that he would not have been displeased, quite the contrary:

“I loved that idea, because I thought, ‘It could end like this. I could be just that.’ And for a lot of people, I did. I thought maybe I was going to have to do something else. And maybe I was going to get out of this damn thing that I was forced to do. when I was a kid, and that I didn’t want to do in the first place. That I was going to be free. And that didn’t happen.”

Famous from an early age thanks to his performances in  Disney’s Newsies , in  The Four Girls of Doctor March and especially in  Steven Spielberg ‘s Empire of the Sun , Christian Bale was therefore very early pushed into the Hollywood spotlight. An experience that assured him a brilliant career, perhaps against his will.

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