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For Blonde, the fake biopic about Marilyn Monroe, Ana de Armas worked hard to slip into the skin of the Hollywood icon but also transformed herself physically. Netflix has unveiled a video of the actress’ preparation.

Available since September 28 on Netflix,  Blonde is an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller of the same name, which tells a fictional version of Marilyn Monroe ‘s tumultuous childhood, meteoric rise and complex love stories .

With this daring retelling of the life of Norma Jeane/Marilyn Monroe, director Andrew Dominik blurs the line between fact and fiction and delivers a mock biopic that explores the major gap between her public persona and the person she was in. privacy.

It is the Cuban actress  Ana de Armas who slips into the skin of Norma Jeane/Marilyn Monroe. And if opinions totally differ on the film, a majority of spectators agree that the actress delivers a breathtaking performance and that the resemblance to the Hollywood icon is impressive.


To become Marilyn Monroe, Ana de Armas spent a long time preparing for the role. But she also had to literally transform herself. Between hair and makeup, Ana de Armas’ makeover took between 2.5 and 3 hours every day. It is important to note that the team did not use any prosthesis for Ana to become Marilyn.

Netflix has released a timelapse video of the actress getting ready and her incredible transformation into Marilyn Monroe, which you can watch below.

In a recent interview with Variety , head makeup artist Tina Roesler Kerwin and head hairstylist Jaime Leigh McIntosh revealed their secrets to turning Ana into Marilyn and satisfying director Andrew Dominiki: “He absolutely wanted us to not just to make Ana up like Marilyn. He wanted us to find Marilyn at Ana’s house, and that became our goal”.

No prosthesis therefore for Ana de Armas but hours of precise make-up and hair styling. The team opted for a silicone cap because silicone lasts longer than a bald cap and can be worn all day.

The actress’ natural hair was tucked under the silicone cap, and she was then neatly styled in a wig that was a replica of Monroe’s signature haircut and changed throughout the day.

The actress also had to wear blue contact lenses for the film, and Tina Roesler Kerwin had to alter de Armas’ natural eye shape by adding false eyelashes. Another makeup trick: contouring, which allowed you to play with Ana de Armas’ age........

Finally, the teams played with the colors of lipstick and shades to get as close as possible to Marilyn’s style, using anecdotes and tricks from the Hollywood icon’s former make-up artists.

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