Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The interpreter compares his work both in superhero movies and in more prestigious works, choosing somewhat controversial words for it.


Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s career has been taking off quite a bit in recent years, combining appearances in movies and series of all kinds. In his resume we can find series like Watchmen, dramas like The Trial of the Chicago 7, thrillers like Ambulance: Escape Plan or blockbusters like Matrix Resurrections or Aquaman.

It might seem that there is no difference for the actor from one job to another. In a way it is, but there are different ways to approach it. This is how he explained it in an interview for Vulture, where he talks about his work in movies like the DC film with Jason Momoa compared to more prestigious dramas, using terms that sound a bit strong.

Everything should consist of getting to the truth. But sometimes you have to know what movie or genre you’re in. Something like ‘Aquaman’, it’s a clown job. ‘Aquaman’ is not ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’. You have to get over it.
That “clown job” sounds pretty strong thrown out like this, but Abdul-Mateen tries to reason it out by explaining how working in dramas allows him to build “muscles” as an actor that he can’t develop in big movies. And then how that job allows you to better develop his performance in those big movies.

To survive [as an actor] and do well, you have to play that game and then be sneaky for when you want to surprise the audience, the director or yourself with a bit of ‘Wow, I didn’t expect to see a Chekhovian or August Wilson thing in’. Aquaman’, but I did it’.
We’ll see how much of Chekhov he can squeeze into the sequel, in which he will once again face Jason Momoa as Black Manta. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will once again have both actors under the orders of James Wan, although it will not be released until December 25, 2023 after the latest move of Warner Bros. Discovery dates.

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