Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

For its first weekend of operation, Black Adam crushes the competition and settles on the throne of the North American box office.


1- Black Adam : $67,000,000

2- Ticket to Paradise : $16,340,000

3 – Smile : $8,350,000 ($84,310,000 cumulative)

4- Halloween Ends : $8,000,000 ($54,177,000)

5- Enzo the crocodile : $4,200,000 ($28,713,000)

6- The Woman King : $1,900,000 ($62,856,000)

7 – Terrify 2 : $1,896,000 ($5,256,000)

8- Don’t Worry Darling : $880,000 ($44,273,000)

9- Amsterdam : $818,000 ($13,924,000)

10- Without filter : $600,000 ($1,420,000)


Did Dwayne Johnson manage to attract crowds for his first weekend of operation in the US? With 67 million greenbacks collected, Black Adam made a rather solid start, placing itself just below Aquaman (67.9 million) and ahead of Shazam (53 million). It also pulverizes The Suicide Squad and its small 26 million, as well as Wonder Woman 2 (16 million).

Black Adam is also the best start to The Rock’s solo career, ahead of Hobbs and Shaw and its 60 million. Dwayne Johnson’s biggest score remains the collective performance Fast and Furious 7 (147 million in April 2015).


For comparison, the latest DC movie, The Batman , started at 128 million. The record for a DC film remains Batman V Superman with 166 million.

The Julia Roberts-George Clooney couple takes second place with $16 million raised with Ticket to Paradise . On the 3rd step of the podium, the horror film Smile continues to smile, already accumulating $84 million in 4 weeks of release.

Another horrifying feature film fails at the foot of the podium, Halloween Ends , the last part of the trilogy led by David Gordon Green. The ultimate confrontation between Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers collected 54 million in 2 weeks.

Note the beautiful 7th position of the horror film Terrifier 2 , the work that made spectators vomit in theaters ! At the bottom of the table, despite its all-star cast, Amsterdam by David O. Russell is struggling to convince the public, accumulating only 13 million greenbacks. Without filter , the Palme d’Or 2022, brings up the rear in 10th position.

By Yanz

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