Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

During the preparation of “Birds of Prey”, actress Margot Robbie asked a small favor from Quentin Tarantino: slip a nod to “Pulp Fiction” in the film. A request accepted by the filmmaker.

In the feature film Birds of Prey , there is a bit of…  Pulp Fiction ! But you may not be aware of it, the nod to the  Quentin Tarantino classic having been slipped not IN the film starring Harley Quinn, but during its filming. We explain to you.

During an interview granted to MTV News for the promotion of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood , which saw her collaborating for the first time with Tarantino, Margot Robbie confirmed to the journalist, obviously well informed, that the title of Birds of Prey’s work was  Fox Force Five . A title that refers to a cult scene from Pulp Fiction.......

“In Pulp Fiction, when  Uma Thurman and  John Travolta get their five dollar milkshake, she’s describing the pilot she starred in. I believe the dialogue Quentin wrote was based on Uma actually starring in a pilot of this type. A dialogue in which she therefore speaks of the Fox series Force Five“ , says Margot Robbie alongside  Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio , who did not know the anecdote at all.

The famous Pulp Fiction scene sees Mia Wallace tell Vincent Vega that she played in “a story of female secret agents called ‘Pouliche Force 5’ (Fox Force Five in VO, editor’s note) . Filly because we is chicks. Strength, because we’re tough. And 5, because we’re 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.”

“In Birds of Prey, there are five heroines and we always talked about ‘tarantinesque’ references that we would like to inject into the film. We thought that was a good fit” , continues Robbie, lead actress and producer of the DC film. “I asked Quentin if he would mind if I used Fox Force Five as my working title. He thought it was very funny.”

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