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(IHSG) prediction for today’s trading, Friday 6 January 2023 has the potential to weaken again. Here’s a list of analyst picks to watch today for cash on a correction market.

JCI is predicted to weaken again today, continuing the negative trend in the previous trade. JCI weakened 2.34% or 159.398 points to a level of 6,653.84 on Thursday trading (5/1).

Today’s JCI prediction is corrected due to a number of negative sentiments. One of the negative sentiments that could erode the JCI today is bad news from the United States (US) stock exchange.

Wall Street’s main indexes lost more than 1% on Thursday, with the Nasdaq leading the declines. The tight labor market has eroded hopes that the Federal Reserve could halt its rate-hike cycle as soon as it stays focused on inflation.

Thursday (5/1), the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 339.69 points or 1.02% to 32,930.08. The S&P 500 index fell 44.87 points, or 1.16%, to 3,808.1. The Nasdaq Composite fell 153.52 points, or 1.47%, to 10,305.24.

Thursday’s ADP National Employment Report showed a higher-than-expected rise in private employment in the United States (US) in December. Another report showed weekly jobless claims fell last week.

Sinarmas Sekuritas analyst Mayang Anggita said that technically the JCI was facing a support test at the previous low point at 6,642. This level is crucial to guard before continuing to weaken towards the next support at the range 6,505-6,480.

“Investors can focus on price movements per unit share, and take advantage of this momentum to buy on weakness or wait around the support area. The closest resistance is at MA10 at level 6,833,” he explained to, Thursday (5/5/2019). 1).

On the other hand, Mayang estimates that the JCI on Friday trading (6/1) will be in the resistance area of ​​6,833 and support of 6,505.

Meanwhile, Equity Research Phintraco Sekuritas Rio Febrian estimates that the JCI weakening will be limited to today’s trading Friday (6/1).

Beware of the critical support level of 6,600 in trading on Friday (6/1). JCI has the potential to form a through, if the weakening is halted at this level. On the other hand, the weakening can continue if the JCI breaks down to 6,600.

Rio said that the JCI was under pressure due to the weakening of energy commodity prices during trading on Wednesday (4/1). However, oil prices rebounded 0.5% on Thursday (5/1) and gas prices rebounded more than 1% at the same time. This condition may dampen the sell-off in energy stocks on Friday trading (6/1).

In addition, the majority of regional indices closed higher on Thursday (5/1), in contrast to the JCI. Rio predicts JCI today will be in the area of ​​Resistance 6,780, Pivot 6,700 and Support 6,600.

Meanwhile, MNC Sekuritas Analyst Herditya Wicaksana predicts the JCI movement in today’s trading Friday (6/1) has a limited chance of strengthening with support at 6,602 and resistance at 6,763.

The JCI has a limited opportunity to strengthen to test the 6,688-6,730 range first, with the JCI support broken at 6,641, market players can observe the potential for a further correction from the JCI.

“Global sentiment is still around the IMF’s projection of global economic growth of only 2.7% in 2023 compared to 2022 of 3.2%, then it is estimated that there will be a shift in assets from the stock market to bonds,” he said

According to Herditya, for today’s trading, investors can look at CPIN shares with a target price of IDR 6,000, UNVR with a target price of IDR 4,780 and UNTR with a target price of IDR 25,750.

Meanwhile, Rio recommended investors to pay attention to the potential for a rebound in several stocks, such as MIKA , SSMS , BBTN and MAPI as well as opportunities to speculative buy on BBCA , BBRI and BBRI in trading on Friday (6/1).

Those are the JCI predictions and recommended stock options for trading today, Friday 6 January 2023. Remember the disclaimer on, all investment risks on the stock recommendations above are your own responsibility.

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