Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Could the “Avatar” saga, scheduled to unfold over five feature films, also be available as a TV series? James Cameron has a pretty clear idea on the matter…

James Cameron ‘s Avatar saga is already a monument of the seventh art. After a first film, which is quite simply the biggest success of all time , the public has been discovering for several weeks the sequel, The Way of the Water , already considerable success at the box office. A third installment will follow , scheduled for the end of 2024 and then probably, which seems more and more likely in view of the results of the second opus, an Avatar 4 and an Avatar 5 . In short, Avatar rhymes with cinema.

But could the world of Pandora expand beyond the big screen and become a TV series? In an interview granted last November to The Hollywood Reporter , James Cameron mentioned this possibility. The Canadian filmmaker does not close the door to a TV show, but there is no immediate question.

“The problem with these CGI characters is that they cost so much money and they take so much work that it’s not really something suitable for TV ,” said November. last filmmaker.

“Now come back in 10 years, with a lot of deep learning technology, and put that in our pipes. Over time, that’s what we hope to do ,” continues the 68-year-old Canadian. “We might be able to come up with a TV program, but that doesn’t interest me at the moment.”

An Avatar TV show, so it’s not for the moment. Not very serious for Cameron who, in any case, already considers his cinematographic saga as a series. In a recent interview with TheWrap , the director said that the Avatar films “make up a great story” .

“It’s really one big story, but cut into episodes, like a series,” he continues“Each movie has its own resolution. And the character issues continue throughout the episodes.”

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