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Hu Tao is a female Pyro character who uses a spear as her mainstay weapon. Hu Tao is included in the list of SS rated DPS main characters. This is because the damage done by Hu Tao can be very large and can defeat enemies quickly. Even so, this one character is quite difficult to use, it needs regular practice so that we are proficient at using it.

If we just got Hu Tao and want to use it as a main DPS, it’s good to know a few ways to use it first. So, here are 5 ways to use Hu Tao in the Genshin Impact game:

1. Know Hu Tao’s Passive Skill

Hu Tao has a unique passive skill, where when his blood is below 50%, the damage Hu Tao will do will be even greater. So, take advantage of Hu Tao’s passive skills to defeat enemies quickly.

2. Pair With Xingqiu and Zhongli

Hu Tao is a perfect match for Xingqiu, because Xingqiu is a Hydro elemental character. When the Hydro element meets Pyro, it will produce a vaporize effect. The vaporize effect can result in greater damage to Hu Tao.

Meanwhile, Zhongli is very suitable to be paired with Hu Tao because Zhongli can provide a hard Geo-element shield, so that Hu Tao, who has even the slightest blood, will stay awake and be able to carry out his attacks well.

3. Rely on Charged Attack

Hu Tao is one of the characters that relies on charged attacks, because his charged attack is very large, as long as he uses elemental skills first. So, it’s best not to use Hu Tao to just launch normal attacks, but take advantage of his elemental skills and charged attacks.

4. Jump After Charged Attack

This method is especially used if our Hu Tao constellation is still C0. Jump after the charged attack, this method can shorten Hu Tao’s movements so that he doesn’t break too far through the opponent when carrying out a charged attack. Do this method repeatedly on the enemy, so that the resulting damage will be more effective.

5. Not Recommended for a Team with Healer Characters

The character of the healer on the team can make Hu Tao unable to take advantage of his passive skills. This is because Hu Tao’s blood can be filled with skills issued by the healer character, while Hu Tao is better at attacking when his blood is below 50%.

Those are 5 ways to use Hu Tao in the Genshin Impact game. Don’t forget Hu Tao’s elemental burst, which can deal great damage and add to his own blood. We can take advantage of this elemental burst when Hu Tao’s health is running low.

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