Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Maybe you feel dissatisfied after taking photos using a cellphone camera, so you don’t have the confidence to upload them on social media. However, now you don’t need to worry because these problems can be solved easily.

With the rapid development of technology today, all activities can be carried out easily with just the palm of your hand. One of them is to change your photos to be cooler and more attractive using a cellphone. There are several recommendations for photo editing applications on cellphones that you can try to make photos from your cellphone camera more attractive. Check it out!

1. PicsArt Photo Studio

The first photo editing application on HP was PicsArt Photo Studio. This application has a variety of interesting features with very good quality for editing photos. Having downloaded 1M+ on Google PlayStore, this PicsArt application has also received 11 million reviews with the highest rating being at five stars.

Some of the features that you can use from this application are various cool filters, drawing tools, camera applications, adding effects, even PicsArt itself has a function as a social platform. Apart from that, with this application you can also change the background of a photo or combine several photos into one. And of course all the features will make the edits even cooler and prettier!

2. Pixlr

Pixlr has been downloaded more than 50 million times and has one million reviews on Google PlayStore. You can also use this application to edit photos only through your cellphone. The free version of Pixlr includes some basic editing tools, including overlays and filters.

Apart from that, the Pixlr photo editing application is also equipped with several collage templates that will make it easier for users to edit. This application is also considered easy to use with a simple and easy to understand interface. With this application you can also turn photos into black-and-white, lonely, or film tones. Meanwhile, to access more features, you can subscribe to a premium Pixlr so you can edit more freely.

3. Cymera Photo Editor

The Cymera Photo Editor photo editing application provides more than 20 filters, 4 recording modes, and also 7 lenses. Which will make it easier for users to share photos. After you edit photos with this application, you can immediately share them via various social media, starting from Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

This application also provides various frame models to stickers so you can edit photos to make them more interesting and funnier. In fact, this application can also help remove certain annoying parts in a photo that you are editing.

4. Photo Edit Pro

Photo Editor Pro offers many features for those of you who want to make photo editing better. In this application you can find more than 60 photo filters, combine two photos to produce a different photo, also have blur or bokeh effects. Besides that, the Photo Editor application is also quite easy to use for anyone. In fact, with this application you can edit your body to make it slimmer and edit your face to make it more attractive.

5. Collage Maker – Photo Editor & Photo Collage

This Collage Maker application can be used to arrange several photos into a beautiful collage. You only need to select certain photos and combine them into one through this application. You can even combine as many as 18 photos and choose the desired collage layout. Apart from that, you can also add certain filters, stickers, or use other tools to make photos better.

Those are the five photo editing applications that you can use on your cellphone very easily. So make sure you already have one of these to make your photos even cooler!

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