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If you are looking for a show this weekend, the Korean drama The Fabulous is one of the choices. The Korean series, which was released on Netflix last Friday, December 23 2022, tells the story of dreams, love and friendship and invites viewers to dive into the world of four friends who work in the fashion industry. Not only that, there are a series of interesting facts about The Fabulous that you need to know.

4 Interesting Facts about The Fabulous

1. Not Just a Romantic Comedy

SHINee’s Minho and Chae Soo Bin in the Korean drama The Fabulous. Dock. Netflix

According to director Kim Jeong Hyeon , The Fabulous is not just an ordinary romantic comedy genre, after he read the script for the series. He added references by watching various fashion documentaries as well as conducting research and interviews with fashion workers.

The series is expected to make young viewers feel connected by portraying the various struggles of young people starting their careers and overcoming challenges to achieve their dreams.

“I have a feeling that young viewers will see for themselves, especially in terms of the importance of having friends when they start to become members of society. It may be scary at first, but if you continue to be driven by passion and accompanied by friends, everything becomes easier,” he said.

2. Present the Story Behind the Glitter of the Fashion World

SHINee’s Minho and Chae Soo Bin in the Korean drama The Fabulous. Dock. Netflix

In order to present the authentic world of fashion, The Fabulous engages people from the industry. Creative consultant Kang Ji Hye, for example, has 20 years of experience and tries to present the fashion world concretely, especially the struggles and ups and downs behind this seemingly glamorous industry.

Designer Minju Kim who won the competition show “Next in Fashion” in 2020 specially designed a number of clothes for this series.

Then, Lee Sang Woon, who plays the role of fashion designer Joseph, discussed with Minju Kim to get deeper into his character.

Model Park Hee Jung who also acts as a model suggested to The Fabulous fashion team  that her old costumes could be used for filming purposes in order to present a more authentic impression.

3. The Story of Youth Friendship

SHINee’s Minho in the Korean drama The Fabulous. Photo: Netflix

Raising the dynamics of life and friendship of four young people, this series is full of explosive youth energy. At first, the main cast act awkwardly as they are just getting to know each other, but they get along well when the director suggests they talk like friends.

The same age also makes it easy for the cast to explore their respective characters, including all the problems they face at that age.

The close relationship with the cast continues behind the scenes such as visiting  the photobooth  together during filming breaks. The photos become props in the series.

4. Rows of Famous Actors

(left to right) Park Hee Jung, SHINee’s Minho, Chae Soo Bin, and Lee Sang Woon attend a press conference for the Korean drama The Fabulous, Wednesday, December 21, 2022. Photo: Netflix

For Kim Jeong-hyeon, Chae Soo-bin, who is known through the film Sweet & Sour , is the right choice to play the modern and independent woman Pyo Ji-eun. Meanwhile, singer Choi Min Ho, who previously participated in Yumi’s Cells , Lovestruck in the City, and The Battle of Jangsari,  played photographer Woo-min. He learned to take pictures under the guidance of professional photographers as well as deepen the ins and outs of photography.

On the other hand, Lee Sang Won, who is on the rise, was praised by Kim Jeong-hyeob for his ability to portray the humane character of fashion designer Joseph.

Meanwhile, model Park Hee Jung was deliberately chosen as someone who really understands the world of fashion and can help fellow actors to live the industry. “I auditioned with director Kim via Zoom. Even though I don’t remember it, it turns out that at that time I said ‘I’m a famous model! Choose me’,” recalled Park Hee-jung.

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