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Vaccination can help to protect the body from some diseases that can be very severe. Diabetics will usually experience more severe infections when compared to people without diabetes. This condition is due to the immune system in diabetics that cannot work properly.

Vaccines usually contain certain parts of the bacteria that are no longer active. After getting the vaccination, the body will begin to learn to fight the virus or bacteria. Thus, when you are exposed to the same bacteria and viruses, your risk of getting sick will be lower.

Adapting from the Dokter Sehat page, here are some of the vaccinations needed by diabetics:

1. Pneumococcal vaccine

This vaccine is given with the aim of preventing pneumococcal disease, which is any disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. These bacteria can attack the ears, sinuses, pneumonia, and also the blood. If you have diabetes, then pneumococcal disease can increase your risk of infection and death. Therefore, a vaccine is needed to prevent the body from being infected by this disease.

2. Tetanus Vaccine

Tetanus is a disease that is quite dangerous for diabetics because it is known to have toxic properties to beta cells in the pancreas, so it can reduce insulin production. When people with diabetes are infected with tetanus, their condition will get worse. In addition, diabetics also have difficulties in the wound healing process.

As a result, open wounds will have a high risk of being exposed to dust and dirt. It is possible that this dust and dirt contains bacteria that cause tetanus. Therefore, a tetanus vaccine is needed to prevent the body from being infected by this disease. You are also advised to receive this tetanus vaccine every 10 years.

3. Herpes Zoster Vaccine

People with diabetes have a higher risk of getting chickenpox. Not only that, diabetics are also more likely to have more severe symptoms and even experience complications.

As a result of wound healing taking longer, people with diabetes are also more likely to feel pain for a longer time. Therefore, diabetics are advised to receive the zoster vaccine. If you are over 50 years old, then you are advised to receive two doses of this vaccine.

So, those were some of the vaccines needed by diabetics, I hope this is useful.

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